transitions is a project that translates the process of change into a physical object. Change is represented through a 3D modeled overpass that is divided into three poly-carbonate planes. As your viewpoint shifts, the fragments come together to form an image with depth. The separation of the model into three segments allows for a slight perspective change that creates an illusion of space. An artificial environment is formed from the implied space and the movement from the shifting viewing angles is representative of the time spent within a transition. Small momentary pieces are combined to create a result; a connected and refined progression from the past.

Currently we are all involved with several different layers of transitions, from smaller personal understandings to larger cultural reformations and political regressions. As we weave in and out of these changing and evolving definitions, so too do the physical environments that harbor our time given. Constructed structures that have been assigned specific purposes need to transition with the people that inhabit them.

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